Future research(K-DEMO)
K-Demo Project
EU, Japan and USA are under preparation for an economically viable demonstration fusion power plant which can be operated in the future. As a similar approach, ‘National Fusion Roadmap’ was released for the viable demonstration fusion power plant, in Korea. Furthermore, Fusion Energy Development Promotion Law (FEDPL), the first legal act in the world for fusion energy development, was enacted in 2007 to promote long-term cooperative fusion research and development among participating industries, universities and research institutes. As a follow up step, a preliminary design study for K-DEMO(next generation fusion demonstration reactor in Korea) is underway targeting the construction in the future. The recent status of K-demo is a preliminary conceptual design phase and there are many research activities to be solved.
Fusion with K-DEMO Project will be a promising energy solution for the future. We will contribute to the next step forward to the successful future of Fusion Energy Technology(K-DEMO), based on our experience in KSTAR and ITER.
  • Design of K-Demo CS Coil

K-Demo Test Facility
Lead the applied superconductivity research of the world
R&D and training for applied superconductivity
Magnet fabrication facility for DEMO Tokamak
Magnet test facility for DEMO Tokamak
Conductor test facility (SUCCEX)
Design and QA of superconducting CICC for DEMO Tokamak
  • SUCCEX magnets

  • U-shape sample

  • SULTAN like sample

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